Automate your way. We take time to get to know you, and it’s through genuine collaboration we  uncover smart, fresh ways to elevate the way your organization sees and utilizes their data. There are as many possible uses  for byREQUEST® as we have clients!

byREQUEST® delivers reports in the formats your users crave: Excel, PDF, Word, XML, TEXT, CSV, and your core's data files too! We can help you create immediate, workable data- data that is easy to read, easy to manipulate, ready to use, and ready for calculations.

byREQUEST® enables you to deliver Real-Time, Consistent, Coherent Data for the up-to-date decision-making. You’ll be delivering your finance team and your C-suite the big picture… and the details, too!

  • Investment of 2 hours from management.
  • Investment of 2 hours from your IT Department.
  • Our team does the rest remotely.
  • We transition companies in under a week.
  • There are no changes to your programs, print files, or workflow.
  • byREQUEST®  is installed on a single PC or server.
  • It doesn’t get any easier than byREQUEST®

A typical installation of byREQUEST® requires:

Better Workflow.

Better Reports.

Better Data.

We Convert 

ALL Reports.

  • 40 years of top-notch service.
  • You have access to our expert report conversion and publishing team.
  • We ensure a rapid no disruption deployment of your solution.
  • Improve the value and utility of your data.
  • Shorten the path to critical decisions.
  • Dramatically reduce report conversion and management costs.
  • Reduce paper use and costs.
  • No manual steps. No burden on IT.
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byREQUEST® integrates seamlessly with...

Let's make sure the data you use matches the quality of the services you provide. 

byREQUEST's® integrations and functionality were designed in collaboration with users like you!

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Better Workflow.

Better Reports.

Better Data.

Get your company's reports in Excel, PDF, and Word formats automatically, on schedule, with no manual steps!

We help IBM users revolutionize the way they deliver reports.

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"We loved last upgrade we did on byREQUEST. Reports are running automatically.”

Daniel Schuessler, Network Admin

United Consumer CU

“I did have a issue over the weekend BUT the support got back to me early Monday morning... I was extremely happy they did because if they didn't, it would have been catastrophic! We rely on byREQUEST so heavily. We are very happy with the software and Support.

Dennis Fabbo – It Director


"Everything is going great! We are working on switching to a new storage in Laserfiche and so far so good. Support?  They also are great!  They get with us whenever we need.  If I need help moving forward, I never hesitate to call in."

Becky Laska - Office Services Officer/ Projects Lead


"We've been using byREQUEST for many many years. We love it!"

Dennis Klemenz, VP & CIO


“We have used byREQUEST for about 15 years. We love it! My people don’t even know its name. They just know they get their reports when they want them.”

Al Salee, VP IT
270 Million Assets

“byREQUEST is doing what is needs to and hasn’t had very much need for support. When we do, though, they’ve been great’"

Tom Teeter, VP Operations 


345 Million Assets

"We haven't had to touch it in forever. Support is great too! Love that if I have an issue, the turnaround time is under an hour!”

Chad Helton, Programmer 


442 Million Assets

“We love the product, as it closes a gap in our reporting to Excel issues”

Troy Kyle, CIO 


691 Million Assets

“So happy for byREQUEST because there were a lot of Covid cases in Jacksonville. We have had to close branches, etc., and because of byREQUEST, we are able to work from home and get our reports the way we want and need!!!"

Tamara Byrd, CFO 


593 Million Assets

"byREQUEST is working as expected with no issues. We moved to EASE and had no problems at all."

David Anderson, System Specialist 


635 Million Assets

The byREQUEST® Solution

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